Around May 2017 I decided to try and improve my lifestyle, with some previous experience I joined a gym again, started lifting weights with some friends but I wasn’t truely happy.

June 2017 I found calisthenics, this is when I found a new passion, I stopped going to the gym and started training bodyweigh exercises. At this time I also learned about the benefits of a vegan diet so I started looking into it further.

I made small changes everyday and over time adopted a whole-foods plant-based diet alongside my body weight training.

To this day I still carry on learning more and more about plant-based nutrition and calisthenics training. I have also started studying an online vegan nutrition course with the aim to further strengthen my knowledge.

I started this blog with the aim to share what I learn along the way of my journey.

My aim for this blog was to share my journey and what I’m learning along the way, just another person trying to do better than I did yesterday. Peace!