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In May 2017 I decided to improve my lifestyle, with some very basic training experience I joined a gym and started lifting weights with some friends which got me on the path of self-improvement.

June 2017 I found calisthenics, this is when I found a new passion, I stopped going to the gym and started training with bodyweight exercises, pullups, dips, gymnastic rings, muscle-ups, you name it. At this time I also learned about the benefits of plant-based eating and how it can drastically improve how you perform and recover from training, and how well you fell in general, I then started looking into it further. I made small changes everyday and over time adopted a whole-foods plant-based diet alongside my bodyweight training.

After learning about the impact of stress on your health, I eventually quit my job and started my own company. I then stopped smoking and drinking and have never looked back.

To this day I still carry on learning more and more about nutrition, training, sleep, psychology and how to optimise the human body for a longer and better life. I am currently studying to become a corrective exercise specialist with the national academy of sports medicine, this was inspired after many setbacks during my training. I didn’t have a lot of knowledge in calisthenics and weight training when I started, over time I developed imbalances and my body started moving inefficiently and prone to injuries due to dysfunctions. It has been over a year now that I have struggled with this and after seeing many professionals with no long term results, I decided to take matters into my own hands and educate myself further.

I started this blog with the aim to share what I learn along the way of my journey whenever I can make the time for it. I am just another person trying to be better than I was yesterday. On a journey to be the best version of myself.