Physical Benefits of Vegan and Vegetarian Diets: Quick Facts

My time is limited at the moment so I will keep this one short. In this post, I will give you some of the physical benefits you may experience by trying out a plant-based diet.

As mentioned previously, vegans and vegetarians have a lower risk of obesity than meat eaters. A study conducted at the University of Oxford found that the body mass index (BMI) was the highest in meat eaters and lowest in vegans with vegetarians ranging in between. BMI is an approximate measure of whether someone is over or underweight, calculated by dividing their weight in kilograms by the square of their height in metres.

Researchers affiliated with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine split 42 people who suffered from migraines into two groups. One was following a vegan diet and the other was taking a placebo drug. After several weeks the vegan group showed significant reductions in pain compared with the other group.

Eliminating meat from your diet has also shown to reduce body odour. A study conducted by Charles University in Prague found that when men removed meat from their diet women found their body odour to be much more pleasant.

Many commonly eaten foods in the plant-based diets contribute to healthy skin. Vitamin C (kiwi, mango, papaya, pineapple) and Vitamin E (nuts and seeds) are powerful antioxidants that fight brown spots and wrinkles. Zinc from beans and nuts also reduces inflammation and fights spots. Healthy unsaturated fats from avocados and olive oil help keep the cell membrane supple and strong and keep the skin hydrated.

One study showed 33 women who suffered from painful period switched to a plant-based diet for two cycles. Their menstrual pain decreased from a 4-day duration for a 3-day duration and it was a lot less painful. Symptoms such as bloating were also reduced.

Switching eggs for plant protein reduced the risk of death by 19% while eliminating red meats decreased it by 12% as found by a study at Massachusetts General Hospital. Another study conducted of 73,000 Seventh Day Adventists found that the lowest mortality rate was among pescatarians with 19% lower than meat eaters, vegans had a 15% lower mortality rate and vegetarians had a 12% lower rate. Plant-based foods will prolong your life 🙂



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